Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog #6 (To the Lighthouse TP)

In the second part of Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”, she describes the total deterioration of the house as well as the Ramsey family. I feel as if there is as connection between the loosening shawl which reveals the “beast skull” and the death of Mrs. Ramsey. She is always described in what I refer to as warm language. When Woolf describes the personality and mannerisms of Mrs. Ramsey, she gives one the feeling that Mrs. Ramsey is a warm, kind and caring person. The fact that her death is described so offhandedly is shocking to me.  Woolf takes so much time to build up her character and we feel as if we know her so well, then she is suddenly gone and hardly mentioned afterwards. It seems as if the deterioration and utter destruction of the house is related to the lack of Mrs. Ramsey’s presence in the family. When she dies, it seems as if her family slowly deteriorates with the deaths of her children, Prue and Andrew, and the obvious longing and loneliness of Mr. Ramsey.

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